Everyone wants to be remembered and to leave some indelible mark on the world to make it a better place.
Why not start with the Detroit Concert Choir Endowment Fund?
The Detroit Concert Choir Endowment Fund allows those who want to help ensure the long-term success of the Detroit Concert Choir a means to make contributions beyond assisting with the annual operating expenses.
The Endowment Fund is completely separate from Detroit Concert Choir accounts for operating expenses. Contributions are retained in perpetuity; only the earnings on contributions are eligible for withdrawal. This will ensure that there is financial assistance available for those times of financial hardship in the future.

Donations of any size may be made to the Detroit Concert Endowment Fund. Donations in memory of loved ones will be recognized in their honor. The Endowment Fund accepts cash donations, securities, and bequests from wills and trusts. For more information, contact Richard Aude at 313.922.3292 or the DCC Choir Office.
Major Benefactor:
Francis M. Scripter
(pictured above with President Stan Harr
receiving an award for his contribution)
Dick Aude & Joy Crawford
Pamela Berger
David Reed & Donna Abdoo
Dr. Joseph & Michelle Metes
Joe & Jane Lucido
B. Matt & Sue McNeil
Sam & Veronica Smith
Richard & Jacquelyne Pfaff 
Gordon & Lois Nelson
Joseph Wanchik
Bob & Judy Jogan
Veronica & Sam Smith
Chris & Peter Klein
Dick Aude & Joy Crawford
Hon. William J. Giovan
Stan Harr & Laura Bartell
Ashley Heidrich
Judy Holmes
Keith & Charlotte Jones 
Ruth MacRae
Richard & Jacquelyne Pfaff
David Reed & Donna Abdoo
Anne Rouce
Joe & Jane Lucido
Michele Marszalkowski
Jeff & Christine Rouce
Cynthia Webster
Mary Beth & Ray Semczak
Dr. Joseph & Michelle Metes
In Memory of Marvin L. Crawford
Russell & Jane Yamazaki

Our Mission

We seek to promote musical excellence by uniting artists through inspiring concert performances, education, and community engagement. We aspire to be an exceptional choral ensemble, committed to musical diversity, evoking passion, and educating our members and audiences. We seek opportunities to present our music to audiences across the nation and around the world.

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Our New Director

The Detroit Concert Choir is proud to introduce its new Artistic Director, Dr. Brandon Johnson. Dr. Johnson has had extensive experience in conducting youth and adult choirs.

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Our Singers

The group consists of some 70 singers who gather from over 35 communities in and around Detroit and its surrounding tri-county area.

Community Rewards

We are always on the look-out for simple ways to earn extra funds for the choir. Here are some on-going fundraisers that are easy to use, at no extra cost to the consumer.

Learn : Community Rewards

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